Quels sont les pays à risques pour les français ?

Les pays les plus dangereux pour les voyageurs français.

Which countries are at risk for the French? A key question for travelers


Safety when traveling is a very important subject, especially for the French who are known for their love for discovering new cultures and new landscapes. However, it is impossible not to encounter risks in some countries. The purpose of this article is to inform travelers of which countries are at risk for French people.

Countries with a formally established risk

Iraq is one of the countries best known for its high risk. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has implemented a travel ban in three provinces in northern Iraq, because the terrorist risks are very high there.

Then, Mali is another country at risk for the French. The northern and central areas are strictly not recommended for travellers. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has even put in place a maximum security alert in these regions.

Finally, Sudan is also a country with a formally established risk. Traveling to Darfur or South Kordofan is not recommended. The risks of attacks and kidnapping are very high.

Countries completely discouraged

Some regions of the world should be avoided altogether. Somalia is an example of a country with a very high risk. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly advises against going there because of the risk of kidnappings, attacks and explosions.

Countries with multiple risks

Some countries have multiple risks that have been identified. Mali, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and even Mexico are examples of countries where the risks are numerous. The risks are linked both to the safety of people and to the hygiene of life (health risks, food hygiene, etc.).

How to protect yourself when traveling to high-risk countries?

To limit the risks, it is important to be well prepared before departure. Travelers should inform themselves about the measures to take, the places to avoid and the behavior to adopt in case of danger. They must also take all measures to secure their belongings and travel documents.

Then, it is important to stay in contact with the local authorities. They must follow all the recommendations issued by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, they must avoid putting themselves in danger by carrying out dangerous activities or visiting sensitive places.


In short, travel to countries at risk for the French requires very close attention. The risks are many and people need to prepare accordingly. Following the advice of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs is of vital importance for the safety of travelers. As the risks are constantly changing, it is important to keep up to date with news abroad so that you can take the necessary precautions at all times.


Is the risk the same for all travelers?

No, the risk may vary between travelers depending on their nationality, religion or appearance.

Are there any special security measures to take before leaving on a trip?

Yes, it is important to learn about the risks associated with the country of destination, to carry out the necessary vaccinations, to take out travel insurance, to secure your documents and your belongings.

What to do in case of danger?

It is important to follow the recommendations of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to stay in contact with the local authorities and not to adopt any behavior likely to aggravate the situation.