The profession of oenologist: decryption

Quel est le travail d'un œnologue ?

What is the job of an oenologist? All you need to know about this profession of advice, choice and production of wines

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Introduction: the oenologist, an expert in viticulture and winemaking

The oenologist is a professional specialized in the field of viticulture and oenology. Its role is to advise winegrowers on the choice of grape varieties, the management of the vines and the production of quality wines. He also supervises the development of wines from production to bottling. Thus, this profession combines technical knowledge and a passion for wine.

Training to become an oenologist

To become an oenologist, specific training is required. This includes a state diploma in oenology or a university diploma in viticultural sciences. It can last from three to five years and makes it possible to acquire the necessary skills to exercise this profession of advice and supervision.

The missions of the oenologist

The work of the oenologist can vary according to the company for which he works. However, its missions can be grouped into several categories:

  • Advise winegrowers in the choice of grape varieties and the management of their vines.
  • Supervise the production of grapes, their harvest and their vinification.
  • Develop wines by choosing the different vinification techniques to be used to obtain the desired result.
  • Ensure the follow-up of the quality of the wines by controlling their fermentation, their stability and their taste.
  • Participate in bottling and choose the appropriate bottles for each type of wine.

The choice of grape varieties

The oenologist plays an important role in the choice of grape varieties. He advises winegrowers on the varieties of grapes best suited to their terroir and local climatic conditions. It can also help them select grape varieties that will produce superior quality wines. Thus, the oenologist contributes to the creation of unique and differentiated wines.

Production of high-end wines

The oenologist is also responsible for the production of superior quality wines. To achieve this, he must master the various winemaking techniques, such as maceration, fermentation and the aging of wines in oak barrels. He must also be able to judge the quality of the wine by tasting the samples regularly. With these skills, the oenologist can create wines that stand out for their typicality and incomparable quality.

Monitoring wine quality

The oenologist also supervises the quality of the wines produced by regularly monitoring their development. It can thus detect any problem of fermentation or stability of the wine. He must also ensure that the taste and aroma of the wines meet consumer expectations. Thus, the oenologist works to ensure that each bottle of wine is of superior quality.

Why hire an oenologist?

Winemakers can hire an oenologist to produce superior and unique wines. The oenologist can help them find the grape varieties best suited to their terroir and local climatic conditions. He can also advise them on winemaking techniques that will result in superior quality wines. Thus, the oenologist brings his expertise to produce wines of exceptional quality.

Companies that employ oenologists

Oenologists can work in different companies. They can be employed by winegrowers, cooperative wineries, wine merchants or wine production companies. They can also work as independent consultants to help companies improve the quality of their wines.


In short, the work of the oenologist consists of advising winegrowers on how to produce wines of superior quality. He supervises the production of wines, controls their quality and assists winegrowers in the choice of grape varieties. Thanks to his technical knowledge and his tasting skills, the oenologist contributes to the development of a flourishing and creative wine sector.