Quelles sont les services touristiques ?

Les services touristiques : tout ce qu'il faut savoir


THE tourism is a constantly evolving sector. Today the tourist services offered are more and more numerous and varied. THE offices of tourism offer a multitude of services to facilitate your journey. Of the’accommodation to activities, including transport, services tourist attractions are numerous and meet all needs. In this article, we will introduce you to the benefits the most common in the field of tourism.

Accommodation services

The first service that most tourists seek is theaccommodation. There are a wide variety of choices depending on your budget and preferences. Here are the types ofaccommodation The most common :

  • Hotels : Hotels are the most common choice for tourists. They offer single or shared rooms, with or without breakfast, depending on your needs. Most tourist towns have a wide variety of hotels in several price ranges.
  • Youth hostels : Youth hostels are a cheaper alternative to hotels. They offer dormitories, private or shared rooms at low prices. They are particularly appreciated by young travelers in search of adventure.
  • Gîtes and bed and breakfasts : these accommodations are managed by individuals who offer rooms in their homes. They allow you to discover the local culture by staying with the locals.
  • Camping : for nature lovers, camping is the ideal option. They offer the possibility of sleeping outdoors and getting closer to nature.

transportation services

To move during a journey, it is important to have access to transportation services. Here they are :

  • Plane : the plane is the fastest choice for traveling over long distances, whether abroad or in one’s own country.
  • Train : the train is ideal for moving quickly and comfortably within a country or city.
  • Bus : buses are often less expensive than other means of transport and offer a wide variety of routes to travel between cities.
  • Car rental : tourists who want to be independent can opt for car rental. It is, however, a more expensive choice than other means of transport.

Tourist services in terms of activities

THE tourist services also offer a variety of activities to meet everyone’s needs:

  • Guided tours : to discover the city or region where you are, guided tours are an ideal option. They allow you to learn more about the history, culture and important monuments.
  • Excursions : For tourists who want to explore the surroundings, excursions are a perfect choice. They allow you to visit natural sites such as national parks or nature reserves.
  • Sporting activities : sports enthusiasts can opt for activities such as: hiking, skiing, climbing, canoeing or cycling. The activities are diverse and suitable for all skill levels.
  • Cultural activities : for lovers of art and culture, there are many options such as museums and cultural events.

Reservation services

Many tourists seek to plan their journey in advance. To do this, they can call on booking services online to book their accommodation, transport or activities. Here are some of the best websites to book these services:

  • Booking.com : this booking site is one of the best known in the field of accommodation, and offers a wide choice of options for all budgets.
  • Expedia.co.uk : Expedia is a booking site that also deals with plane tickets, car rentals, all-inclusive stays, hotel rooms, etc.
  • TripAdvisor.com : this site allows you to book accommodation, activities and restaurants. In addition, it offers detailed travel guides.

Tourist offices

THE tourist offices are often the first point of contact for tourists when they arrive in a city. They provide information about the tourist services available and help plan the journey. They also offer maps, tourist guides and local events. Visitors can find tourist offices in almost all tourist towns and villages.


In summary, the tourist services include all the equipment and services that allow tourists to travel comfortably and safely. Whether you are looking for comfortable accommodation, enriching cultural activities or efficient transport services, you will always find tourist services that meet your needs. Tourist offices are also valuable resources for any traveler looking for information or personalized recommendations.