The essential tourist activities to discover

Quelles sont les activités liées au tourisme ?

What are the activities related to tourism?

Tourism is a booming industry all over the world. This means that many activities are linked to tourism. Travel, leisure and cultural activities are all activities that attract tourists. In this article, we will explore the trades, hobbies and activities related to the tourism industry in France.

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The main tourist activities

Tourism is an ever-changing industry. Tourism-related activities are many and varied, ranging from leisure and sports to culture and gastronomy. Here is a list of the most popular tourist activities:

– Guided tours: Visiting places such as historical monuments, museums, parks, or remarkable buildings with a professional guide can be very instructive and educational.

– Outdoor activities: Outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, surfing and swimming attract a large number of tourists.

– Shows, festivals and concerts: Shows, festivals and concerts are always popular with tourists looking for entertainment and culture.

– Sports: Golf, skiing, sailing and all other sports are also popular activities.

Tourism development

Tourism development is a vital activity for the tourism industry. This involves planning and carrying out infrastructure development projects needed to welcome tourists and improve their experience. Travel agencies, hotels, resorts, restaurants and vacation clubs all contribute to this activity.

Travel agencies, in particular, are responsible for coordinating travel for their customers. This may include booking flights, accommodations, and tours. Hotels, resorts and holiday clubs provide accommodation, catering and entertainment services for tourists.

Tourism-related jobs

Many professions are linked to tourism. Tour guides, hostesses, chefs, restaurant servers, site managers, and travel agents are all examples of occupations in the tourism industry. The demand for these trades is very strong in tourist areas.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism is a recent trend in the tourism industry. It consists of promoting sustainable tourism and the preservation of the environment. Activities such as hiking, biking, and electric boat tours are all more responsible alternatives for tourists and the environment.

Hotels and resorts can also contribute to this trend by adopting green practices and educating their guests about the importance of the environment.


In conclusion, tourism is an important industry that contributes to the economy of many countries, including France. Tourism-related activities are many and varied, ranging from leisure and sports to culture and gastronomy. Tourism development, tourism-related occupations and responsible tourism are all important aspects of the tourism industry.

Tourism is constantly changing and trends are also changing, so it is important to stay informed of the latest developments to stay competitive in the tourism industry. Attend training and certifications offered by world-renowned tourism organizations such asWTTC(World Travel & Tourism Council) andUNWTO(World Tourism Organization).