Travel to Rome: the best places to visit and discover!

Rome offers thousands of things to see and discover. This magical city is rich in history and architecture and is easily accessible to travellers. Whether you are a lover of art and culture, food or entertainment, Rome is sure to offer something to please you. In this article, we bring you a selection of the best things to do and see during your stay in Rome.

Rome is a very popular travel destination and for good reason: it has so much to offer travelers and discover! From authentic food and drink to rich culture and history, there are tons of activities to do. The essentials to visit in Rome are the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. If you have a 3 day weekend in town, I recommend you to visit Rome to take full advantage of all the city has to offer. For an authentic experience, take a walk through the streets, discover the local markets and taste the culinary specialties.

Cultural sites not to be missed

Rome is famous for its cultural and historical sites. Start by visiting the Coliseum, the largest amphitheater built by the Roman Empire. Explore the Via Appia, the oldest Roman road, on foot or take a fiat 500 for the most daring! Also don’t miss the Roman Forums, THE Pantheon, THE Vatican Museum as well as other historical and cultural sites.

The best activities

One of the things you can do in and around Rome is to participate in guided tours to discover the hidden treasures of the city. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in one of the excursions offered by RomeCabs, an excellent option to discover some of the most spectacular landscapes of Rome and its region. Finally, you will also find excellent possibilities for activities sports, snowshoes, kayak or stand up paddle.

Rome is an incredible city to explore, with attractions around every corner. In the city center, the main sites to visit are the Trevi Fountain, THE Ponte Sant’Angelo, there Piazza Navona and the Spain Square. Don’t forget to stop at the Saint Peter’s basilica and at Vatican. If you are looking for slightly more atypical places, you can also visit the Trastevere district, very alive and the Protestant cemetery, a little hidden paradise.

Rome is a city rich in history and culture, and offers a multitude of things to see and discover. Rome Map is a great place to discover the best attractions and activities to do in the city. Visitors can find information on must-see attractions, such as the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, and the Vatican, as well as information on places to see off the beaten path. Rome is a city with lots to see and do, and Rome Site is a great guide for travelers looking for new experiences.

The best places to eat

Eating in Rome is a real experience, so it is imperative to taste its authentic cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to eat in one of the downtown trattorias, such as Trattoria Renata Or Il Rionale or at one of the many weekend food markets around town. The bravest can even dabble in Italian cooking by enrolling in a Italian food proposed by The Kitchen Romana.


In summary, Rome is truly a must-visit destination for travelers seeking history and culture. Here you can visit many historical sites and take part in fun activities. Don’t forget the pleasure of tasting that will await you in the city’s trattorias and restaurants!